Jan 28, 2020

Our kitchen remodel is our third renovation project led by Brian. His company provides excellent planning, superior work, and outstanding finished products.

We have worked with Brian, Octo, and Mark. Their primary goal is to please the customer. They strive to make their presence in your home as painless and non-intrusive as possible. They clean up every day, even after messy electricians, and attempt to leave you with all your necessities. They are perfectionists who respond to your daily concerns.

They removed the old cabinets intact, so we were able to donate most of them. When we simply asked to move one old cabinet to our cellar washroom, Octo insisted on making the cabinet look finished into its position. Our 130-year-old floor wasn’t quite level, and again Octo insisted on making it right before laying the new floor.

ALC added finishing and functional details to our plans we never would have thought of. Mark got every detail of the cabinetry exact, consulting us often as he went. They found new molding compatible with the rest of our old house. The crew let us know every day what was planned and worked out details with us, always to our satisfaction.

The finished product has been beyond what we envisioned in all three projects. Everyone who sees the kitchen says what a wonderful job they did. Overall great job in every respect. 5 stars!

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