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Previous client experiences are important in helping all future clients know what to expect and truly understand what kind of company they will be working with from design through completion. SOOO, many years ago we starting sending all of our clients to our BBB page as this is a platform in which ALC Design has no control on what is said and/or posted. We can not edit , modify or delete anything undesirable. We feel that this is a must and the most ideal way to ensure that you know exactly what kind of company and team you could be working with. These reviews are real, honest and glimpse into the folks that lived it. Showing you what we do and how we do it! Not just in the beginning but straight through to the end! Please click the below link to see first hand what ALC Design is all about!

ALC Design, LLC is a BBB Accredited Remodeling Service in Chester, NH

As you may imagine in todays day and time getting positive reviews from happy clients can be challenging. Certainly easy to get negative ones though….lol! As we all know, all too well, life is busy and free time can be very limited with work, kids, family, friends and holidays to name a few. ALC Design is dedicated to client satisfaction while delivering a high quality project and in doing so can only produce so many projects in a year. That, coupled with the fact that the BBB will only keep three years of reviews on the site at any given time limits juts how many reviews that you can see at any time. We felt in order to get better understanding of what to expect we should let you see a bigger picture. SOOO, we thought we would let you see what was once posted to our BBB review page that has been removed by time.

We hope that you enjoy reading what our previous clients had to say and look forward to the opportunity to possibly work with you on your project in the future!

Oct 22, 2021

We are extremely impressed with ALC design. Brian, Phil and the whole crew were very professional and they were with us from design through completion. Their design build philosophy positions the firm to guide homeowners through the entirety of the renovation process, making it fun and as stress free as they can. Brian had a clear understanding of our vision and Phil/construction team made it a reality. Brian checked in frequently to make sure everything was meeting our expectations.

We are very happy with the end result. Highly recommend ALC design!

Jun 14, 2021

I was fortunate enough to have seen ALC working on another older structure and could tell that the workmanship was of a high quality. Suffice to say, I contracted with ALC and they did not disappoint. The workmanship was meticulous, communication was frequent and detailed. There were no surprises and needless to say , I am very pleased with the end result of the project and would gladly hire them for any future needs.

Apr 21, 2021

As usual ALC Design has done an outstanding job on my recent house remodeling projects. This is the 3rd remodeling project I have had them do for me in the last few years, and I have recommended them to my neighbors, who have also had great remodeling experiences with ALC Design. Good job Brian and Kris!

Feb 19, 2021

When starting to think about the size of the renovation we were looking for it was a bit unnerving for several reasons; we were brand new to NH with few contacts and hoping to find a reputable company to do some major work. Our home started as a lakefront cottage but over time the previous owners added on several additions, some done okay and others not so much.

Luck was on our side as ALC was building down the road from us so we gave Brian a call. This also all started just prior to the Covid-19 eruption. We made plans for the project to begin in the fall; renovate 3 bathrooms that included having to enclose a cathedral ceiling to become part of the second floor, a laundry room upstairs and a pantry downstairs and several other upgrades that just came up because we saw a need and they took care of it. During the process we always felt comfortable with the steps taken to ensure our safety and that of the crews that were contracted to come and do the plumbing, electrical, insulation, and the plasterers.

What Brian told us at the onset of the project as to how they operate was spot on; Brian periodically checked in with us to make sure we were happy with the process and to answer any questions we might have had. However Kris did such a wonderful job of keeping us in the loop and looking for our input if necessary as things progressed. I had to admit that prior to the beginning of the renovation I had reservations about having a stranger in our house every day but as time went on Kris became like a family member that we trusted implicitly. Octo joined Kris periodically and he was also a welcome addition. We likened what they had to do with our project was like putting a puzzle together and they always got it right. Kris and Octo are meticulous and won't settle for anything less than what would be acceptable in their own homes.

We were so pleased with the work done that we’ve invited them back for our kitchen renovation in the faIl. I would give ALC 10 stars if I could!

Sep 11, 2020

ALC Design just renovated both of our bathrooms, including moving some of the walls and totally re-designing the spaces. From start to finish they were professional, responsive, accommodating, and conscientious. We were extremely happy with both the process and outcome of our project thanks to ALC Design!

Nov 13, 2020

My husband and I would highly recommend working with ALC Design. From start to finish it is a very professional company with high standards and amazing work. The owner, Brian, would check-in often to make sure things were going well and that we were satisfied with the work. He then made a final call when the job was complete to make sure we were happy with it. The guys that came out were personable, courteous, hard-working, and did great work. We would definitely use ALC Design for a renovation in the future.

Jan 28, 2020

Our kitchen remodel is our third renovation project led by Brian. His company provides excellent planning, superior work, and outstanding finished products.

We have worked with Brian, Octo, and Mark. Their primary goal is to please the customer. They strive to make their presence in your home as painless and non-intrusive as possible. They clean up every day, even after messy electricians, and attempt to leave you with all your necessities. They are perfectionists who respond to your daily concerns.

They removed the old cabinets intact, so we were able to donate most of them. When we simply asked to move one old cabinet to our cellar washroom, Octo insisted on making the cabinet look finished into its position. Our 130-year-old floor wasn’t quite level, and again Octo insisted on making it right before laying the new floor.

ALC added finishing and functional details to our plans we never would have thought of. Mark got every detail of the cabinetry exact, consulting us often as he went. They found new molding compatible with the rest of our old house. The crew let us know every day what was planned and worked out details with us, always to our satisfaction.

The finished product has been beyond what we envisioned in all three projects. Everyone who sees the kitchen says what a wonderful job they did. Overall great job in every respect. 5 stars!

Dec 31, 2019

Our project involved a new kitchen and a 1000 square foot addition that included a family room with a kitchenette, a bedroom and a bathroom. The ALC Design team was great to work with and did an excellent job.

They were able to work around our 2 cats and 2 big dogs who at times wanted to join the construction crew. We had a delay due to an unexpected requirement by the town for a variance. To continue the work, they shifted gears and did the kitchen first while we are waiting on the variance to move forward with the addition.

A wall was removed to open the space with an island for more storage and workspace. The addition is airtight with lots of insulation. It has helped make the house warmer. There is a deck off the living room to accommodate the dogs. The railing that was custom made for the stairs is a prize winner.

The rooms are all filled with light. Our home is now up to date with a new furnace and air conditioner with two zones. We have a new driveway with a better drainage system. There are two hot water tanks for each area. Will did a great job as project manager. Chris worked with him on the kitchen and other details. All the outside contractors on site worked well together to get the project done.

It was a six-month project that turned out wonderful.

Dec 27, 2019

Amazing! It’s really impossible to keep it to just one word, but that would be the one if I had to choose just one.

We added a two-story addition (great room over garage) to our house earlier this year. We were hesitant on dropping a large chunk of money on an architect and then putting plans out to bid, so we decided to look toward the design and build route. From start to finish, everyone at ALC was amazing.

From the design team to the construction, everything was done professionally and respectfully. Brian and the team did all the legwork with the town to get the permitting in place (a ton of back and forth to say the least). From breaking ground to the finished product, they were right on target with the 12–16-week estimate provided up front.

EVERY day there was something going on. Octo was our lead foreman. The word “amazing” doesn’t even come close to doing justice to explain Octo and everything he contributed to our project. From coordinating scheduling of the subcontractors, delivery of supplies, town inspectors, execution and monitoring of the work being done, answering endless questions from the homeowner (me) and many more things that I know I’m missing; he was spot-on with it all. Octo ensured the quality of the product used and the work done was the quality that he would want if it were his house.

You really don’t understand the amount of project management and coordination involved in a project like this until you see it in action. As much as we appreciated the quality construction work and results of the project, we also truly appreciated all of the “behind the scenes” work done throughout the course of the project.

As first-time renovators, we were nervous about everything. Brian and Octo kept us well informed throughout the project, which eased our nerves. I can say that after the first couple of weeks of construction, where I quickly learned the type of quality work and commitment to excellent results, I felt more relaxed than I expected I would be during the construction. As with every project, there were bumps and unexpected challenges along the way. Brian worked through these with us together and fairly to keep the budget in check. We are so happy with how everything came out; it was truly beyond our expectations.

We strongly recommend ALC and will most certainly look to use them again ourselves in the future.

Dec 01, 2019

Always can depend Brian and his team from ALC for a quality work!

We called Brian for a small ceiling project after almost four years since ALC design did a renovation project for us. There was no hesitation to take this small project and completed the project very quickly.

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