Feb 19, 2021

When starting to think about the size of the renovation we were looking for it was a bit unnerving for several reasons; we were brand new to NH with few contacts and hoping to find a reputable company to do some major work. Our home started as a lakefront cottage but over time the previous owners added on several additions, some done okay and others not so much.

Luck was on our side as ALC was building down the road from us so we gave Brian a call. This also all started just prior to the Covid-19 eruption. We made plans for the project to begin in the fall; renovate 3 bathrooms that included having to enclose a cathedral ceiling to become part of the second floor, a laundry room upstairs and a pantry downstairs and several other upgrades that just came up because we saw a need and they took care of it. During the process we always felt comfortable with the steps taken to ensure our safety and that of the crews that were contracted to come and do the plumbing, electrical, insulation, and the plasterers.

What Brian told us at the onset of the project as to how they operate was spot on; Brian periodically checked in with us to make sure we were happy with the process and to answer any questions we might have had. However Kris did such a wonderful job of keeping us in the loop and looking for our input if necessary as things progressed. I had to admit that prior to the beginning of the renovation I had reservations about having a stranger in our house every day but as time went on Kris became like a family member that we trusted implicitly. Octo joined Kris periodically and he was also a welcome addition. We likened what they had to do with our project was like putting a puzzle together and they always got it right. Kris and Octo are meticulous and won't settle for anything less than what would be acceptable in their own homes.

We were so pleased with the work done that we’ve invited them back for our kitchen renovation in the faIl. I would give ALC 10 stars if I could!

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