Dec 11, 2017

We went from thinking we should move to living in as close to our dream house as we ever thought possible. Brian’s designer did a better job than the three architects we hired to give us ideas of what was possible.

The design embraced the weirdness of our house’s layout and made it an asset instead of an annoyance. They also were able to incorporate the addition in a way that made it look like it was how the house always was or was meant to be. By adding some outside design touches to balance out the new structure, it’s almost hard to remember that the addition wasn’t the original house design.

We would remiss if we didn’t also give kudos to our master builder and everyone on our team that we worked with.

The design was *not* trivial to implement and coordinate AND we were living in the house for the whole renovation which presented its own challenges. Everyone on Brian’s crew we worked with were not only very good at what they did but also reasonable, responsible and respectful people to interact with.

If you’ve ever had a contractor drag their feet getting things done and been frustrated with the slow pace of progress on a project (we have in the past) you will not have to worry about that with Brian and his team. There were times that I was like “wait, that’s happening already?!” Ha! Of course, there were hiccups along the way, but Brian is very serious when he says he wants to know about it when something happens so he can address it and fix it.

We had a very big, complicated project and we still can’t believe how smoothly it all went considering all the parts that were involved. We love our new house!

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