Jun 29, 2016

We started out wanting to do some needed repair and maintenance as well as a small addition. ALC’s design team came back with a proposal that while still staying in our budget, included completely reconfiguring half of our house!

They did so much more than we thought possible and have made our house so much more functional The project was estimated to take 4-5 months, and even with discovering hidden issues that needed to be addressed (not surprising in our 1770 home) and adding an extra bathroom to the plan halfway through, the extensive project was finished in 5 months on the nose and done well. The staff was fantastic. They made suggestions for changes to the plan as we went along that made sense and took the budget into consideration. Our lead carpenter ate lunch every day with my 2- and 3-year-olds and packed cookies for them in his lunch! As the project was going on, when friends asked how it was going and I raved about ALC, several times I was told that this was not a normal construction experience. We absolutely lucked out, and I would not think twice about recommending them to someone.

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