Feb 06, 2019

I hired ALC Design to do a complete remodel of my kitchen after having them rebuild my outdoor deck during the summer of 2017. After the deck project I had very high expectations for ALC Design. Therefore, in early 2018 I gave Brian a detailed scope of work of what I expected for the kitchen remodel project.

We went through a design phase where the color 3-D renderings of the new kitchen gave me a good feel for how everything would look once the remodeling was completed. Then we started a complete demolition in November, and the project was completed about a week ago.

The final kitchen result meets my high expectations.

Kris P., the project manager, for both the deck project and the new kitchen, was a great help in scheduling craft labor and inspections, as needed. As usual his perfectionist work ethic made all the difference. Everything from the tile floors to the new kitchen cabinets and their trim work, to the modified mounting of a Tiffany light over the new island, to all the other necessary details, were done with perfection as the final result. Overall, an impressive result from an impressive company. Before I retired, I worked with a lot of contractors on large construction and turbine machinery installation projects, and I am not easily impressed. Hopefully this will get me a repeat customer discount on the next project I want them to work on.

David Whitney Nottingham, NH Feb06, 2019

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