Aug 17, 2017

ALC Designs and Brian demonstrated to my wife and I that he is highly experienced, open and honest in his business dealings, and is excellent at running a business.

Our recent kitchen renovation project was initiated over a year ago when my wife and I began to formulate some ideas about what we would like our kitchen to be when completed. This was followed by seeking out and interviewing numerous potential contractors resulting in our selection of ALC Designs because he clearly understood all of the potential issues and considerations.

In addition, a lengthy discussion with Brian allowed us to settle on a budget and the scope of the work.

We were very pleased at how he walked us through all of the elements of work.

Additionally, the kitchen designer that we were directed to walked us through the decision process for cabinets down to the level of where we wanted to put the pans and why. This forced us to think about things that don’t magically happen. It resulted in an excellent plan. His staff of carpenters, electricians, and plumbers were very professional and clearly took pride in what they did. Their objective was obviously that they wanted us to be impressed with their work and it was achieved. Even the most subtle detail was not dismissed or overlooked. Since the scope of the work involved more than just the kitchen (extending into the Great Room), they went out of their way to interrupt our lives as little as possible, cleaning up every day after completion. Upon completion of the project, ALC Designs often connected us to see if we had observed any issues with the work. When one observation was discovered, they were prompt to stop by and address it.

Anyone who is looking for a truly professional company, honest, and fairly priced will do well by investigation ALC Design. I have already passed along their contact information to others who are seeking a contractor for similar work.

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