Jul 17, 2017

ALC Design, LLC has impressed me as a very thorough and trustworthy company for our recent home renovation project. Our project was primarily focused upon a total kitchen remodel, but also extended to our great room. We interviewed three other contractors before deciding upon ALC Design and know that we made a good choice.

Brian was very professional, pointed out the steps involved, the numerous decisions that we needed to make and how to make them, provided a realistic timelines and expectations, worked within the established budget, and did not overlook anything. He demonstrated himself to be a solid businessman who knew how to run a solid business and fully understands the business of renovation and construction.

The construction workers that he employs were easy to work with. They were considerate of certain requests to lessen the impact on our lives during the project. When some very detail decision needed to be made (such as where to put an outlet), they would ask for our opinions and suggest options and potential issues if we didn’t know. One impressive thing is (believe it or not) they cleaned up their messes daily to further limit the disruption of our lives during the process.

The result of the project was spectacular.

Any kitchen upgrade going from a 1960’s kitchen with 1960’s appliances was admittedly going to seem nice, but what we wound up with in the price range we were expecting to pay seemed far beyond our original expectation. Their kitchen designer did a remarkable job walking us through all of the decisions that we didn’t even think about. Great guidance from her, too. In my opinion, you can trust ALC Design to walk you through the process, exercise that process, and do what they say they will do with realistic expectations, and no surprises at the end. They were a great choice for us. A real deal for quality work.

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