How do you determine how much a project will cost?

Posted on March 8, 2016

At the consultation meeting the design build consultant will be able to give you a broad price range on where your project might fall. This is factored by years of experience and your home decor, style and taste. Broad price ranges are especially evident in kitchen and bathroom remodel projects.

The main reason for providing a broad range is because of the numerous different products that are available at various price points. This is why every home and project is very different as the products and materials selected by the homeowner can greatly impact the cost of a job. Keeping this in mind, we will always work with your budget in mind.

Selecting good quality products that are at a fair price but not the least expensive lets us create a package that allows you to get what you want at a price you want to afford. Regardless of the size of your project or budget our pricing format remains the same; Cost for materials plus labor cost and our cost of doing business equates to the total project cost.

The relationships that we have with suppliers and vendors and having the buying power of a very large design, build remodeling company allows us to provide, install and manage many products for you for less then what you could buy on your own.

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