What is Design/Build and what are the advantages versus using an architect?

Posted on March 8, 2016

Design/Build brings the design and contracting services together in a single, integrated process.

During the Design Phase, our team will design your project, meaning:

  • We will discuss your dreams and wishes.
  • We will discuss your budget, needs and wants to define the priorities and objectives of your project.
  • We take measurements and photograph your entire home inside and out, so we know as much as possible about your home and can predict as many potential problems ahead of time as possible.
  • We will create a conceptual design in conjunction with your budget.
  • When we present the design for your project, we don’t just show you what the layout will be, Our design presentation will provide you with a complete insight on your project, through the selection of every item in the entire project and detailed 3D images so you can easily visualize the finished project, even feel what it will be like to inhabit the new spaces before we start remodeling. With everything laid out, guaranteed pricing will also be provided to the penny within a budget.
  • You will be able to go through the entire project and make decisions based on the design, form, function, selections and cost.

During the Build Phase, our team will undertake the construction of your project, meaning:

  • We will create the detailed plan of construction for the necessary work.
  • We will source and provide the specified materials required for the agreed upon scope of work.
  • Our carpenters will undertake the plan of construction noted above.
  • We will source and provide the required skilled trades people and installers necessary to fulfill the plan of construction.
    We will adjust and change the plan of construction within the agreed scope of work to facilitate the successful completion of the project.

With a Design/Build approach, you do not hire us to design your project, and you do not hire us to build your project, you are hiring us to help you design and build your project.

This consolidated process allows those two phases to overlap, even co-exist and ultimately, interact. This eliminates the chance that you could complete the design process with plans that have significant construction or budget issues. With everyone working as a team at the outset, surprises and issues are minimized. Our designers communicate with our contractors throughout the design process to bring you a project you love, within your budget needs, while also meeting our high building standards. Our contractors communicate with our designers throughout the building process to ensure that any city required changes or items that are adjusted during construction adhere to your desired conceptual design. The same team that is helping you through the design process will be with you through the construction. That is how we can guarantee the price point and meet your expectations throughout the project, from concept to culmination!

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